meet your matcha gwell bite

meet your matcha gwell bite

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meet your matcha gwell bite is our version of the age old matcha latte in a tasty treat.

matcha strikes the balance between focus and relaxation, offering you a calming boost to get through the day enlightened.

All individual flavor bites come in packs of 2 each.

What’s in it?

cashews, sunflower seeds, dates, coconut flakes, pepitas, matcha, coconut butter, coconut oil, pistachios, spice blend

hand-rolled in small batches

No Dairy, Gluten, or Refined Sugar Ever

This product contains nuts, but no soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, or shellfish. Processed in a facility where these ingredients are present.


While matcha has enjoyed quite the surge in the last few years, it is a Japanese superfood that has been around for many years. It is most celebrated for its high antioxidant content, that is significantly more dense than most foods. The high concentration of EGCG, an antioxidant, is known to have cancer-fighting properties.

The L-Theanine in matcha is the source of clean energy that you get when consuming it. It works in the body to promote relaxed alertness. It helps to balance the caffeine in matcha, negating those crazy caffeine jitters.

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